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What does writing mean to me? 

For me writing is more than expressing. It’s my way to connect with you, myself and with everyone. I don’t write to appreciate anyone or to disagree with someone. I write to understand. I write to be understood. Every word feels to me like breath and every punctuation is my heart beat.  I learn by writing and hope my writing makes atleast one person more wise than he was. 

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Life beyond status updates

The world is a humongous place to explore but Internet has bounded it in some constrains.  Few years back friends used to visit friends home to know if your friend is doing good, is he OK?does he need any help? But now it’s all a matter of text to show fake sympathies , to say am there for you when your not , where a laugh is silenced by lol and sadness is expressed by emoticons. People write that they are happy seeing other happy when they just envy  of others success.  But before sometime ie fb, Twitter, Instagram, snap chat lived;people actually were happy for others. Where vacation was meant for family not for likes. Where songs were sung for appreciation not for subscribers . Where jokes were cracked for not for views.


When life was “lived” not “uploaded ”